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Quick, intuitive training to ensure your staff are fully informed

Why Core Compliance?

School and staff compliance training is vital to ensure your school operates at the highest standard, but staying in-line with ever-changing legislation can be a challenge for your staff, particularly alongside busy workloads. Our Core Compliance training will keep your staff informed while not impacting their schedule, and will give you peace of mind to know that their training is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

  • Safety first: Modular courses on a range of health and safety topics, including fire safety, first aid, food hygiene and manual handling
  • Legislative updates: Courses involving legislative knowledge, including financial management and GDPR compliance are also available for all staff members
  • Learning Management System: Incorporated systems allow you to create your own training programmes for staff, helping you support your team’s personal development
  • Management Information: MI systems integrated into the course allow you to see who’s completed training and when, and collate this information for any inspections

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What courses are included?

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Basic life support open close

60 minutes – This course contains four bite-sized modules that use practice-based scenarios, videos and engaging questions to help you learn vital life-saving techniques including adult CPR, child and infant resuscitation, using an automatic external defibrillator and more.

Fire awareness open close

60 minutes – Understand the nature of fire, recognise the threat to yourself and others and know what to do in the event of a fire in an educational setting. This course is made up of five modules; nature of fire, signage, fire hazards, discovering a fire and using extinguishers. The course concludes with a test once all modules are completed.

Medication awareness open close

45 minutes – This course will provide you with the basics of safely and legally administering medication to children in a school environment. This course is made up of four modules and a test which can be accessed once modules are completed. Modules cover the law and school policy regarding medications, details of different medications, handling and administering medication and managing different medical needs.

GDPR for whole staff awareness open close

45 minutes – This course will demonstrate to the ICO that your school takes data protection seriously, keeps staff informed and maintains a good level of awareness of GDPR. The modules will help you explore the principles of GDPR and the consequences of not adhering to it, learn to recognise the role of the DPO, identify data breaches that may occur and discover tips on keeping information secure on a daily basis.

Level 2 food hygiene and safety open close

2 Hours 30 minutes – The course is split into nine modules:

  • The Importance of Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Food Safety Law
  • Kitchen Hazards – Dangerous Environments
  • Kitchen Hazards – The Law and your Role
  • Food Contamination and Cross Contamination
  • Bacteria
  • How to Prevent Food Poisoning
  • Maintaining Good Personal Hygiene
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be automatically awarded a certificate containing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives.

School trips for organisers and support staff open close

45 minutes – This course takes a practical look at some of the things that must be considered when planning and delivering school trips both in the UK and abroad. This course is made up of four modules, including lessons on health and safety, managing trips, residential trips and trips abroad. Successful completion of all modules grants access to a short test.

Allergens open close

45 minutes – This school specific course will provide you with the knowledge to recognise the 14 allergens, differentiate between allergen and intolerance, identify common triggers for anaphylaxis and outline the duties of staff within education.

Manual handling open close

15 minutes – Manual Handling is the carrying and moving of any object in the workplace, particularly large or heavy objects which can pose a notable risk. This course explores what you can do to reduce the risk of manual handling related injury. Modules cover safety when lifting or moving heavy loads and identify the correct process to ensure you move and lift safely.

Unconscious bias open close

15 minutes – This course will help you better understand how unconscious bias can affect your behaviour and impact the workplace, it will help you to recognise the nine different types of bias and help you discover ways in which you can mitigate its influence.

Bribery Awareness Module open close

15 minutes – This course looks at the Law in relation to Bribery. You will learn about offences under the Bribery Act 2010, methods of prevention, what to do if you are being bribed and the consequences for those who participate in the act of paying or receiving a bribe.

This package includes access to our Learning Management System, allowing you to create your own courses, import existing courses, share updates, onboard new staff and more – all with full management information. Find out how.