Safeguarding course

The course consists of 5 modules each one designed to help you with a different element of safeguarding and child protection, and your responsibilities when working with children and vulnerable adults.


Safeguarding Children – This covers an overview of the legislation surrounding safeguarding children and child protection as well as the identification of harm, abuse and neglect. This module includes information on grooming, FGM, forced marriage, trafficking, CSE, children missing from education and peer on peer abuse.


Radicalisation and Extremism – This covers the Prevent Duty and you responsibilities in relation radicalisation and extremism, the warning signs and what to do if you have concerns or are in receipt of any information.


Mental Health & Wellbeing – Providing an overview of the main types of mental health needs and risk factors whist explaining your responsibilities in identifying and supporting young people with mental health concerns.


How to keep children safe – Providing essential information about your duty of care, role and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and child protection and what to do if you are in receipt of any information.  In addition it includes guidance for Ofsted inspections relating to Safeguarding. It covers the use of force or restraint, accidents, first aid and health and safety in practical lessons as well as health and safety on educational visits.


Online Safety – This raises awareness of Online Safety, the subjects of cyber bullying, sexting and online grooming and how to approach them. Providing information on current technologies and safe internet usage


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