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Why Wellbeing First?

As Coronavirus necessitates school closures, education professionals are finding themselves in brand new territory, those capable of remote working are doing so, but many more are still required at schools, to care for the children of workers vital to the UK.

To help as much as possible we’ve adapted our free Wellbeing First pack to help teachers and support staff make it through this difficult period by adding a range of new online courses around the best practice for remote working and wellbeing.

  • Courses are 100% online
  • Comprise of video content, quizzes, worksheets and assessments
  • Certification awarded for completion
  • Courses can be assigned to your staff and completion tracked

So whether at home or in school – train anywhere with our online wellbeing courses

Remote working support courses

Managing Virtual Teams open close

15 minutes – This course looks at the benefits and challenges of working in a virtual team, the importance of a clear communication plan and the role of the manager in ensuring the team’s success.

Collaborative Working open close

15 minutes – This module explores the reasons for collaboration in the workplace, the different types of collaboration and the key to successful collaboration, including establishing a strong team and picking the right tools for the job.

The Adventures of the Lone Ranger open close

20 minutes – Lone Worker training is an essential part of all workplace risk management and is vital for those who employ or manage someone who is required to work in isolation from others or without direct supervision.

Contributing as a Virtual Team Member open close

18 minutes – In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to be an effective member of a virtual team.

Plan Your Day in 18 Minutes open close

18 minutes – We all need rituals and structure to calm down, focus, and be more productive. In this course, you’ll learn how to set your intention, check in with yourself, and accomplish goals, all in the most time-efficient way possible.


Life balance open close

15 minutes – Help your staff improve their work-life balance with a case study, advice, tips and a range of interactive questions.

Healthy living open close

15 minutes – This course helps your teachers learn more about health and wellbeing and how to optimise it at work.

Mindset open close

15 minutes – Course that explores the different types of mindset and how to modify them, to make a positive impact on your teacher’s lives.

Attitude open close

10 minutes – This course details how your teachers can consciously influence their attitude to the best possible effect. They will learn about ways to improve attitude, deal with change and regain motivation.

Stress open close

25 minutes – This course looks at sources of stress and its behavioural and health indicators, before exploring ways in which staff can reduce stress levels.

Resilience open close

15 minutes – This course is designed to help staff develop a better understand of how to be resilient in the face of adversity, by bending instead of breaking under pressure.

Relaxation open close

15 minutes – The relaxation course explores different techniques to help your staff relax and highlights the benefits of rest and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.

Prioritisation open close

15 minutes – The art of prioritisation: what comes first. This course looks at the art of prioritisation and offers some basic principles to help with organisation.

Mindfulness open close

15 minutes – Explores the different types of mindset and how to influence them for more positive effects.

Yoga open close

15 minutes each – This course includes seven short daily yoga routines, which can help aid relaxation and invigorate body and mind.